How to Choose Reclaimed Home Decor Items

Many people assume that home accessories and decor are the little things in the space: vases, candles and so forth. However, home accessories also include furniture, various textiles like curtains and rugs and much more. That being said, home decor involves a lot of little (and big) details but choosing the right items can be tricky, especially when following a certain trend such as items made using reclaimed materials. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to choose reclaimed home decor items.What Classifies as Reclaimed?Reclaimed can actually apply to any item or material that has been reused in some form or another. This can extend to old beams from a farm house that have been reused for flooring in someone’s home. It can also refer to old bathroom faucet handles that have been repurposed as coat hangers. It could even apply to items purchased at a garage sale and reused in a new person’s home (remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure).Tips for Choosing Reclaimed Home Decor ItemsRule number one when choosing reclaimed home decor items such as wooden furnitures is to steer clear of major manufacturers and retailers. Chances are, the items being sold in these stores are not truly ‘reclaimed.’ They may have been roughed up and made to look reclaimed or ‘old,’ but often are not legitimately reclaimed.This is especially true of mass-produced wood furnitures, as the boom in the reclaimed products, particularly in wood, has used up a vast amount of the resources for reclaimed materials.Instead, look for smaller boutiques and locally owned companies, as these are more likely to offer products made from true reclaimed materials.Do note, however, that reclaimed materials extend much further than wood. It can also include plastics, glass, fabrics and so forth. These items may be more readily available in ‘big box’ stores, but still be wary when considering purchasing.If you are contemplating a purchase from a larger store or manufacturer, ask about the backstory on the product. True reclaimed products often are labeled with a backstory, such as the plastic comes from recycled soda bottles or the glass is from antique car windshields. Be wary of products that do not include a back story.When it comes to reclaimed home decor items, recognize that nearly anything in the home could be reused, recycled or reclaimed! This extends from table decor to charger plates to wall art, flooring to furnitures and beyond. There truly isn’t one single item in the home that couldn’t potentially be made from a reclaimed material.